Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Production Structures

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The Extractor is a structure that can be built on any built foundation of any size with a resource pool in the or a . It is one of the three core that directly feeds into the resources and crafting game loop by gathering for you. In order to build an Extractor, you need to pay some $AGEM and resources.


The Extractor allows you to extract resources from the resource capacity pool. In your Home Land, each foundation has its own list of resources. For each resource when you extract it, the total number of that resource available decreases, until it is fully depleted. When one resource is depleted, you can still access the other resources available on that foundation until the entire pool has reached its capacity. You can restore these resource pools up to their capacity via the .
Each foundation in the Home Land will give you a set of resources available, so the maximum resources you can extract from the Home Land before you need to refill the resource pools is the same for every player.
For the Premium Lands, the list of resources available in each foundation is the same, based on the NFT traits. Which means each foundation in a Premium Land has access to the same resource list, but with its own capacity. Larger foundations generally hold more resources before they are depleted. These capacity pools are also replenished via the .
In order to extract, you must hire and select the resource you want to extract. As long as there are resources left in the capacity pool and you can pay for the worker, you can begin the extraction process.
The User Interface of the Extractor informs you of the number of resources still available in your foundation’s capacity pool, as well as the cost, time, and output of extracting the resource.
The values used for this example image are not representative of the values in-game.
“As soon as we set foot on these alien lands, we could feel it under our boots: The dirt was richer than anything we had seen before.”


Raw resources (often just called “resources”) have different rarities associated with them, determining how common and how valuable they are. There are a total of five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Some resources are exclusive to which city you choose when you first launch Ascenders: Simulation, and cannot be found in the Home Land of the other city. If you own a Premium Land with an exclusive resource NFT trait of the other city, however, you still gain access to the exclusive resources via your Premium Land.
List of Shared Raw Resources
Hematite Ore.png
A Common resource of surprising weight. Often associated with the matters of blood due to its red hue.
Hydrocarbon Gas.png
A Common resource familiar to the humans of Earth.
Graphite Ore.png
An Uncommon resource found on Ascension great for electric and thermal conductivity.
Hydrogirdon Liquid.png
A Rare and alien resource that appears to be highly attractable.
Scheelite Ore.png
A Rare resource from which tungsten can be extracted.
Stoicane Gas.png
An Epic resource from the fissures of Ascension.
Sperrylite Ore.png
An Epic resource that hosts platinum within it.
Uraninite Ore.png
An Epic resource of radioactive nature.
List of City-Exclusive Resources
Phosphorite Ore.png
An Uncommon raw resource only found in Olympus.
Quartz Ore.png
An Uncommon raw resource only found in Alexandria.
Cobaltite Ore (1).png
A Rare raw resource only found in Alexandria.
Petalite Ore.png
A Rare raw resource only found in Olympus.
Ergalite Ore.png
A Legendary raw resource only found in Olympus.
Monazite Ore.png
A Legendary raw resource only found in Alexandria.

All Launch Raw Resources

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