Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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Craft Station

The Craft Station is part of the in the . The Craft Station allows you to create and mint SFTs. SFTs come in two variations: Limited and Unlimited.
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate Level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and to construct.
The Craft Station gradually gains new recipes for SFTs to mint, based on your Level. You can mint Unlimited SFTs by gathering the correct and which need to be submitted to your .


The main function of the Craft Station is to create and mint SFTs. SFTs are created much like any other crafting process, however, the materials you need have to be submitted to your , since the interaction has to happen on the .

Unlimited SFTs

The most common SFT you can mint at the Craft Station is the Unlimited SFT. You gain the recipes to create Unlimited SFT based on your Hub Building Level. Once made, they will remain a part of your Vault Inventory, and cannot be withdrawn into your wallet.
You can add more Unlimited SFTs to your Home Land by increasing your Hub Building Level. Based on your Level, you will also unlock additional SFTs which you can craft at the Craft Station. Additionally, new Unlimited SFT recipes will be added after launch, which will increase the selection of SFTs for players to choose from.
Unlimited SFTs can boost several aspects of your Home Land, such as the XP gain rate, production times, or output results of .

Limited SFTs

Limited SFTs are SFTs which are released for a limited duration. Because they are time or supply based, they by default are more exclusive to possess. Limited SFTs can be made available via the or the Craft Station.
Additionally, Limited SFTs are not locked to your Vault Inventory, and can be withdrawn into your wallet to sell on a secondary market. Because SFTs can still be Hub Building Level based, it’s important to always check that you can use an SFT before you purchase one on the markets.
“During the testing phase of the crafting station, we tried to see if the three robotic arms could high five. But the four fail safes prevented the two command stations from executing the one command. Probably for the better.”

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