Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Structures are the bread and butter of getting anything done in Ascenders: Simulation. They are the access point to gathering , creating the necessary materials processed, and crafting the items needed for trade and profit.
There are two main categories of structures: Production and Utility.
- Production Structures are structures which can be constructed more than once on different and directly feed into the cycle of gathering resources and crafting items. Players have full control in how many of this type of structure they construct. They aren’t locked to the , making them the main focus of construction for a . Production Structures can be built on any foundation size.
- Utility Buildings are Home Land structures which can only be constructed once on reserved foundation. They grant the player unique features such as online trading and rewards. Utility Buildings cannot be destroyed, and once built cannot be lost.

Building a Structure

In order to construct a new structure, there are three main steps you must go through.
First, structures can only be built on empty and built . Some structures are locked behind your Level or have reserved foundations for where they can go. When you unlock a foundation, you have to built it first to see what you can construct on it.
Once the foundation is available, you can see the prerequisite costs to construct a specific structure on it, which can vary per foundation size and structure. If you have all the requirements to pay the costs, construction begins. You will have to wait for the construction time to be completed. After the construction timer is done, the structure is built. You can now select the structure and use its features.

Destroying a Structure

Structures can be destroyed if the player wishes to replace them with another structure. Utility Buildings cannot be destroyed.
In order to destroy a structure, you can select it and select the destroy option. It will break down over time before you gain access to the foundation again. The time it takes to destroy a structure is based on the foundation size.
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