Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Ascenders: Simulation

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Parts of Ascenders: Simulation is run on Web3, and is hosted on the Arbitrum network. The following pages are here to help you understand the meaning and intention behind some of the on-chain elements of Ascenders: Simulation.

Off-Chain VS On-Chain

Throughout the documentation, you will find mentions of Off-Chain content or On-Chain elements.
Off-Chain means it is kept locally to your account. There is no communication with the blockchain, which means you do not have to pay gas fees, and your game data isn’t synched up to the network. It is our intention to let you play Ascenders: Simulation as much as a traditional game as possible, without interferences from the market or fees. This is why all of the work off-chain, as well as gaining XP for your . Even trading with the or is done locally to give you as smooth of a game experience as possible.
On-Chain features such as the and are there for when market interactions and multiplayer functionality needs to happen. Refilling resources with the or claiming ‘s Supply Crates or ‘s Mega Crates happen on the chain, which helps us avoid unintended duplication exploits or cheaters.


A lot of the Tokenomics and blockchain details are still being worked on to create the best experience. Come back soon for the full details while we make the finishing touches!

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