Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper

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Ascenders: Simulation

Welcome to the world of Ascenders: Simulation! This is a companion game to Ascenders, an open-world ARPG still in development. This game aims to give players and the Builder Lane an immediate use of their Premium Land NFTs and get the hang of the economy of the main game.
In Ascenders: Simulation, you will manage your lands, build structures on foundations, extract resources from the ground, craft components and trade on the market to grow your very own economic enterprise.

About the Simulation Whitepaper

This Whitepaper is here to help players understand the game features and functions of Ascenders: Simulation, as well as the Blockchain and Tokenomics being utilized for the online features.
Some features are still in development and will be added during the lifetime of Ascenders: Simulation, so be sure to check our socials and this Whitepaper regularly to check out new or upcoming features the team is working hard on.


In Ascenders: Simulation, your main currency is an Unlimited ERC-20 token called $AGEM, as you play the game you will gain and expend $AGEM to build up your enterprise.
You will be able to craft and trade SFT items which provide boosts and unique traits as you unlock more aspects of your lands.
The Premium Land NFTs are a part of our initial Land Sale for Ascenders, and will grant you additional lands, foundations, and resources to elevate your experience even further in Ascenders: Simulation.

Starting Off

Anyone can play Ascenders: Simulation at full release. To thank our players for participating in our initial Land Sale, the players who kept their minted Premium Land NFTs will get free access in the Alpha stages.
When you first embark on your journey into Simulation and boot up the game, you must choose a side between The Olympus City or The Alexandria City. This choice is account bound, and can not be changed after you have made your choice.
Based on your choice, the environment and resources available to you will be different than the other city. Regardless of your choice, you will always own and have access to your Premium Land NFTs! PLEASE NOTE: Any of the resources you do not have access to can still be obtained via trading features in the game.
Once you have selected your city, you can mint your Home Land and you will be granted your Citizen ID. Congratulations! You are off to make your own fortune in the world of Ascension!
Continue exploring the or sections of our whitepaper, or read the changelog on the page.

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