Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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A.I. Announcer

The A.I. Announcer is part of the in the . The A.I. Announcer allows you to read the latest news and announcements and to keep track of the $AGEM supply and the Halving Events.
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate Level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and to construct.

News & Announcements

With the A.I. Announcer Utility Building, you can stay up to date with any new event or announcement regarding the development or content of Ascenders: Simulation. Whenever a new news article is released, the important information will be available at the A.I. Announcer straight away.
Announcements can cover several topics. It’s worth to keep an eye on, as some announcements might affect the market or the economy of Ascenders: Simulation. For example, when a new event is coming to the , or new SFTs are added in the upcoming update.

$AGEM Tracking

Players can also use the A.I. Announcer Utility Building to view certain details for the $AGEM Token. Information such as total $AGEM minted is all publicly available via the structure. It provides additional insight into the economy of the game, and can help make insightful decisions.
Since $AGEM is an unlimited ERC-20 Token, you will also be able to see how much $AGEM has been burned and is still in circulation.

Halving Events

As part of the fact that $AGEM is an unlimited token, Ascenders: Simulation will host Halving Events when necessary.

“There was a time we checked comms every day, waiting for the news that the hatches would open. That sentiment we still carry with us, out to the far reaches of Ascension.”

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