Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper

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Portals act as a gateway structure between the and other locations, allowing you to instantly move from one view to the next. Categorically, they are separated from the and , because their construction is different than any other structure.
From launch, there are only two portals in Ascenders: Simulation; The Portal, and the Overworld Portal.

Constructing Portals

The process to create a portal is different from the other structures of Ascenders: Simulation. Instead of a one-time payment of $AGEM and , portals are constructed over several stages and Levels.
There are six stages you must complete before the portal is fully operational and grants you access to its destination. Each stage visually advances the portal construction in the Home Land. You do not need to allocate to complete these stages.

Premium Land Portal

The first portal you can construct is the Premium Land Portal. The Premium Land Portal connects all the you own to your . It’s considered one of the final steps before the game is fully unlocked and available to you, as access to Premium Land gives you access to more , and by extension .
Once constructed, when interacting with the Premium Land Portal, all Premium Land NFTs you own are presented to you and lets you instantly travel to them.
The Premium Land Portal is already pre-built in any Premium Land, allowing you to instantly access other Premium Lands or go back to the Home Land from your Premium Land.

Overworld Portal

The Overworld Portal can be constructed shortly after finalizing the Premium Land Portal.
At the moment, the Overworld Portal is connected to content which is not yet added to the game, giving a “Coming Soon!” notification when interacted with. Players who have the Overworld Portal constructed will be able to use it as soon as the content for it has been added to Ascenders: Simulation.

“The energy of the Rift ARIADNE used to travel to Ascension seems to be weaker on the surface of the planet, but also far more common, allowing parts of the cities to remain connected despite the rush hour traffic.”

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