Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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Daily Rewards

The Daily Rewards structure is part of the in the . The Daily Rewards allows you to claim Supply Crates for free every day, as well as after completing daily reward missions.
Out of all the Utility Buildings, the Daily Rewards structure is the first you build in your Home Land when you begin you journey. The first structure being the .

Daily Reward

To use the Daily Rewards structure and enable the daily missions, you must first claim the free Supply Crate. This will require an transaction on the . Once the transaction goes through, the Supply Crate opens immediately, granting the reward, and then the daily missions list will appear.
Since you can claim a free reward at the Daily Rewards each day, the timer is unique for each player. As soon as you complete your on-chain transaction, before any new daily reward missions become available, the timer starts counting down.
This also means you only have one day to do your daily missions before they reset, and the process begins again. The mission lists will refresh, even if you made progress in one of the daily missions, including if a mission was completed but the reward wasn’t claimed. So it’s always worth checking at the end of a play session if you might be missing out on potential rewards.

Daily Missions

After your daily reward, the Daily Rewards structure will have a few missions to complete. Each mission will include a goal, progression bar, a reward, and means to claim it once complete.
On the left hand of the U.I. the countdown timer indicates how much time you have left before the daily missions resets.

“Good things come to those who wait. But more things come to those who participate. Those who show that they can do what needs to be done, are the ones who can look at their day and say “We’ve won.””

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