Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Ascenders: Simulation

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Whitepaper 1.1 [Released: 07-06-23]

In anticipation for the Alpha release, a few final changes and improvements came in as content is being finalized. The main change is the focus on Foundations over Plots, and the visual improvements of the pages containing mentions of the resources and Components.
Improved readability for mobile devices.
Added extra links in the opening page to make it easier to access the rest of the Whitepaper on mobile devices.
Added a History page.
Replaced "Plot" with "Foundation" across the Whitepaper. Functionality remains the same.
Added a Trivia and Changelog Header to the Foundations and Premium Land pages.
Updated all the Structure images with newer model renders.
Resources, Refined Resources, and Components pages are stylistically updated.
Improved pages that mentioned the Resources, Refined Resources, or Components.
General fixes and tweaks.

Whitepaper 1.0 [Released: 25-05-23]

Released Whitepaper for Ascenders: Simulation
All Gameplay content added
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