Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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Resource Pool Center

The Resource Pool Center is part of the in the . The Resource Pool Center allows you to check the remaining in the capacity pool of in the Home Land and .
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and resources to construct.

Resource Capacity Pools

The amount of resources available that can be extracted by the has a limit.
In your Home Land, each foundation has its own list of resources. For each resource when you extract it, the total number of that resource available in that foundation decreases, until it is fully depleted. You can still access the other resources available in that foundation if there are any, until the entire pool has reached its capacity. When the full capacity is depleted, you will not be able to extract any additional resources until you refill them with the Resource Pool Center.
Each foundation in the Home Land will give you a set of resources available, so the maximum resources you can extract from the Home Land before you need to refill the resource pools is the same for every player.
For the Premium Land, the list of resources available in each foundation is the same, based on the NFT traits. Which means each foundation in a Premium Land has access to the same resource list, but maintains its own capacity. Larger foundations generally hold more resources before they are depleted.
An example set of resources and their pool capacities.
“Scientists found that the finite resources underneath the surface of Ascension can be replenished by pumping the right chemicals into the ground. The exact science isn’t understood yet, but for now we have no reason to believe it attracts anything else than resources to our buildings.”

Refilling Capacity Pools

At the Resource Pool Center, you have an overview of every foundation with its capacity pool. This allows you to estimate exactly how depleted your foundations are, and if a refill is necessary.
Refilling your capacity pools is done for all your foundations in one go, restoring all the resources of all available and built to its original capacity. To do this, you have to pay a base fee + gas fee, as this transaction happens on the . After the interaction has been processed, all your lands will refresh with their resources restored.
Additionally, when using the Resource Pool Center, selecting one of the foundations will automatically take you to them. Sparing you the search across all of your Premium Lands or Home Land foundations.

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