Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
The gameplay of Ascenders: Simulation is catered towards the Builder Lane and simulates the economic experience of Ascenders. It takes you through the game loop where you manage the income and outcome of resources, materials, and production.
You will gradually unlock more features as you play the game, learning how to extract, refine, fabricate, trade and participate in community challenges alongside your fellow Worldship citizens.
The pages listed under the Gameplay header are to inform you about everything you need to know about the game features of Ascenders: Simulation, for new players as well as the players who need a quick refresher.
Likewise, the order of the pages are set in how and when players will first interact with these features, although many aspects of the game are interlinked, it is recommended to try and understand the basics of the game for an optimal experience.
- Split between your Home Land and Premium Lands NFTs, these are the areas where you will build your enterprise.
- The slot you can build structures on. Foundations host the resources and allow you to add more buildings to your operations.
- Structures are the main interaction of Ascenders: Simulation. Split between production and utility, they each have their own interaction.
- One of the core aspects of operating the Production Structures.
- The bread and butter of the crafting aspects of Ascenders: Simulation.
- The processed resources that are the foundational items for crafting and trading in Ascenders: Simulation.
- The craftable materials from refined resources that build into SFT crafting and the future of Ascenders: Simulation.

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