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Utility Buildings

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Event Hall

The Event Hall is part of the in the . The Event Hall allows you to view everything related to events organized by the developers of Ascenders: Simulation. The billboard that represents the Event Hall can visually change, based on the special event that is currently running, making it one of the few Simulation structures that alters itself based on real world events.
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate Level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and to construct.


Special events are periodically hosted by the developers of Ascenders: Simulation, and run for a limited amount of time. The exact duration of an event can be different for each event. Events usually have rewards associated with them, which means that during the event, if the criteria are met, players might be rewarded with different things such as resources, SFTs, or more.
Special events are mainly focused on collaborations or celebrations with other Web3 games and communities, but can also be for internal celebrations such as anniversaries or holidays. In addition to that, special events can introduce new resources and items that are exclusive to the event, or introduce something while it is still hard to acquire.
It’s always worth keeping an eye out on the Event Hall, since all of its content is temporary, which could mean you could miss out on unique content if you ignore it.


Players might earn Limited SFTs as part of a special event. Limited SFTs are SFTs which are released for a limited duration. Because they are time or supply based, they by default are more exclusive to possess.
Limited SFTs are not locked to your Home Land like the Unlimited SFTs from the are, and can be withdrawn into your wallet to sell on a secondary market as soon as the event is over.

“Nothing tells you as much that an event is about to take place as a giant billboard which lights up an entire city quadrant.”

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