Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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The Vault is part of the in the . The Vault allows you to manage your on-chain and off-chain inventory and transferring items between them. The off-chain inventory is called a Backpack Inventory, and the on-chain inventory is called the Vault Inventory.
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate Level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and to construct.

Backpack Inventory

The Backpack Inventory is the off-chain inventory you use to interact with most aspects of the game. There is no interaction with the Backpack, which prevents unnecessary gas fees and constant gameplay interruptions.
The Backpack is where most of your , , , and $AGEM tokens are stored while you play Ascenders: Simulation. It allows you to immediately collect and use all of the items that are a part of the ‘s resource and crafting gameplay loop.
You can synch the items in your Backpack onto the chain, which moves the items from your Backpack to your Vault Inventory.

Vault Inventory

The Vault Inventory is the on-chain inventory you use to act as a bridge between your wallet, the , and Ascenders: Simulation.
You can choose to synch your Backpack to your Vault, moving a selection of , , , or $AGEM Tokens on-chain and into your Vault. This will allow you to trade with other players.
SFTs are always in your Vault Inventory, as they are minted upon creation. These SFTs can be minted via the or , depending on the SFT. If you have any minted SFTs, they will boost different aspects of your Home Land. These boosts can be for the amount of XP you gain, or positively affect the process of . You can see the exact details at any point in your Vault Inventory.
Some items can’t be moved from your Vault into your personal wallet, to be traded on secondary markets. These items are marked as untradeable, such as the Unlimited SFTs and the raw resources of Ascenders: Simulation. Limited SFTs are marked as untradeable until their total supply is minted or their mint time ends as part of the ‘s events. Once that is done, they can be moved to your personal wallet and traded on a secondary market.
Moving items from your Vault to your personal wallet will require a commission and gas fee, which helps feed the ‘s Community Treasury.
“There have been hunters who scoured the galaxy looking for precious vaults of infinite wealth. Little did they know, home has always been where the vault is.”

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