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Premium Land

Premium Land is an optional but powerful feature which allows you to access more foundations and resources in addition to your . This allows you to construct additional structures or gather more than previously possible to boost your enterprise.
Premium Lands are not identical. They each have a varying numbers of foundations and resources based on the NFT traits.


In order to gain access to Premium Land, you need to be in possession of any Ascenders: Simulation Premium Land NFT. For each Premium Land NFT you own, you gain access to an additional land in-game, with all of its NFT traits benefits included.
Before you can go to your Premium Land, you must reach the appropriate Level to construct the Premium Land .
It does not matter what city your Premium Land is a part of. If you are a citizen of Olympus with a Premium Land that belongs to Alexandria, you still gain access to the Premium Land and the resources that are a part of the Premium Land NFT.
Whenever you acquire a new Premium Land NFT, it is presented as new to you for use.


There are benefits to possessing one or more Premium Lands for Ascenders: Simulation. The most obvious is the extra and resources, which allow you to more rapidly grow and increase the size of your enterprise. But for the first five Premium Lands you own, you will also benefit from a passive XP Boost while playing the game, making it easier to gain Levels and access to all the content in the game.
In addition to that, there is a chance the Premium Land includes a special trait. If an SFT is released for the game, it can match with special traits of the Premium Land. Players who own the Land which has the matching special trait, will receive the boost for free and will not need to craft it. Automatically boosting the value and benefits of the Premium Land.
Finally, Premium Lands have exclusive access to large and huge foundations, allowing you to construct with a better output for each task they complete, at the cost of extra waiting time and input costs.
The five different Premium Land Sizes available for Ascenders: Simulation

Premium Land NFT Gallery

An example image of an Alexandria City Plaza Premium Land NFT, containing two medium foundations, as well as the Scheelite and Stoicane resources.

An example image of an Olympus City Plaza Premium Land NFT, containing one small foundation, one medium foundation, as well as the Hematite resource.


The Premium Land NFTs are the only place where are still called “Plots” after the development team changed it prior to the launch of Simulation.
During the reveal event organized by the Ascenders: Simulation team, the player base got to vote on the offset for the NFTs. Collectively, they decided to go for an offset of 69. Nice.
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