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Coda hosts regular webinars on a variety of topics, including Packs and how to build them. This page includes some recordings from those webinars and other videos about building Packs.

An introduction to Packs in Coda

June 2022

A basic overview of Packs and how they can be used to enrich your docs.

Build a Todoist Coda Pack from Scratch

June 2022

Learn how to build a Pack from scratch that retrieves your task list from Todoist. It was built in under 10 minutes and with less than 30 lines of code in Coda's browser-based Pack Studio.

Building Packs with the CLI

August 2022

An introduction to the Pack Command Line Tool (CLI), including what it has to offer, how to set it up and use it, and how to leverage it to create better Packs.

Your team hub needs more photos of dogs

March 2023

Learn how to develop a simple Pack to bring random dog photos into your docs. In real-time, he shows you everything you need to develop your first Coda Pack.

Adding two-way sync to your Packs

November 2023

Coda 4.0 included a new featured called two-way sync, that allows users to directly edit data in sync tables and push the changes back to the source. In this webinar Developer Advocate Eric Koleda will show you how use new parts of the Packs SDK to add two-way sync to your own Packs.