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Type alias: Formula<ParamDefsT, ResultT, SchemaT>


Ƭ Formula<ParamDefsT, ResultT, SchemaT>: ResultT extends String ? StringPackFormula<ParamDefsT> : ResultT extends Number ? NumericPackFormula<ParamDefsT> : ResultT extends Boolean ? BooleanPackFormula<ParamDefsT> : ResultT extends Array ? ObjectPackFormula<ParamDefsT, ArraySchema<SchemaT>> : ObjectPackFormula<ParamDefsT, SchemaT>

A pack formula, complete with metadata about the formula like its name, description, and parameters, as well as the implementation of that formula.

This is the type for an actual user-facing formula, rather than other formula-shaped resources within a pack, like an autocomplete metadata formula or a sync getter formula.

Type parameters

Name Type
ParamDefsT extends ParamDefs = ParamDefs
ResultT extends ValueType = ValueType
SchemaT extends Schema = Schema

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