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Hello World sample

This is an example which creates a single formula called Hello, that takes in a string called name and returns “Hello, <name>!“.

Start making Packs!
Try out the hello world sample below to create your first build.

// This import statement gives you access to all parts of the Coda Packs SDK.
import * as coda from "@codahq/packs-sdk";

// This line creates your new Pack.
export const pack = coda.newPack();

// Here, we add a new formula to this Pack.
  // This is the name that will be called in the formula builder.
  // Remember, your formula name cannot have spaces in it.
  name: "Hello",
  description: "A Hello World example.",

  // If your formula requires one or more inputs, you’ll define them here.
  // Here, we're creating a string input called “name”.
  parameters: [
      type: coda.ParameterType.String,
      name: "name",
      description: "The name you would like to say hello to.",

  // The resultType defines what will be returned in your Coda doc. Here, we're
  // returning a simple text string.
  resultType: coda.ValueType.String,

  // Everything inside this execute statement will happen anytime your Coda
  // formula is called in a doc. An array of all user inputs is always the 1st
  // parameter.
  execute: async function ([name], context) {
    return "Hello " + name + "!";