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Interface: ObjectSchemaProperty


Fields that may be set on a schema property in the properties definition of an object schema.



Optional fromKey: string

The name of a field in a return value object that should be re-mapped to this property. This provides a way to rename fields from API responses without writing code.

Suppose that you're fetching an object from an API that has a property called "duration". But in your pack, you'd like the value to be called "durationSeconds" to be more precise. You could write code in your execute function to relabel the field, but you could also use fromKey and Coda will do it for you.

Suppose your execute function looked like this:

execute: async function(context) {
  const response = await context.fetcher.fetch({method: "GET", url: "/api/some-entity"});
  // Suppose the body of the response looks like {duration: 123, name: "foo"}.
  return response.body;

You can define your schema like this:

  properties: {
    name: {type: coda.ValueType.String},
    durationSeconds: {type: coda.ValueType.Number, fromKey: "duration"},

This tells Coda to transform your formula's return value, creating a field "durationSeconds" whose value comes another field called "duration".

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Optional required: boolean

When true, indicates that an object return value for a formula that has this schema must include a non-empty value for this property.

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