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How to troubleshoot your code


You can log messages using the standard JavaScript logging method, console.log().

let response = context.fetcher.fetch({
  method: "GET",
  url: ""
let items = response.body.items;
console.log("Retrieved %s items.", items.length);

When executing a Pack locally these logs will be written to the console, and when run in a doc they will be visible in the Pack maker tools. This can be useful for debugging during development as well as in production.

The Packs runtime only includes a subset of the full console methods, specifically:

  • console.debug()
  • console.error()
  • console.log()
  • console.trace()
  • console.warn()

Common errors

Domain doesn't resolve to a public IP

  • The given domain <domain> does not resolve to a public IP

This error indicates that the domain you provided in an addNetworkDomain() call doesn't resolved to an accessible IP address. This could be due to a typo in the domain name. However there are some cases where a service assigns IP addresses to subdomains ( but not the root domain you are trying to add ( If that is the case, either add the subdomain or contact support to have the root domain manually added to your Pack.

Missing required developer tooling

  • Error: not found: make
  • g++: Permission denied

These errors can occur when installing the SDK locally, specifically during the installation of the isolated-vm dependency. They indicate that certain required developer tools are not present on the machine. See the help documentation for this library for more information on how to install these missing packages on your machine.

Invalid action

  • Unable to execute invalid action

This error will appear at the bottom of the screen after pressing a button, and indicates that the formula used in the button isn't a valid action. In order for a formula to be used as an action within a button, it must be defined with isAction: true. See the Actions guide for more information.

HTTP response too large

  • RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: Received message larger than max

This error indicates that a fetcher request got back a response that is larger than the Packs runtime allows. If you are querying an external API for records, see if you can use a limit or paging parameter to get back a smaller response. If you need to work with large files you'll need to build an application outside of Packs that processes them. If you only need a small increase in the size limit you can contact support to request an adjustment.

Can't upload from the CLI

  • dyld: Symbol not found: _SecTrustEvaluateWithError

The Pack CLI uses the esbuild library to compile your local code, and this error is coming from that library. If you are getting this error on a Mac try updating to macOS 10.13 or later.