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Type alias: SchemaType<T>


Ƭ SchemaType<T>: T extends BooleanSchema ? boolean : T extends NumberSchema ? number : T extends StringSchema ? StringHintTypeToSchemaType<T["codaType"]> : T extends ArraySchema ? SchemaType<T["items"]>[] : T extends GenericObjectSchema ? ObjectSchemaType<T> : never

A TypeScript helper that parses the expected execute function return type from a given schema. That is, given a schema, this utility will produce the type that an execute function should return in order to fulfill the schema.

For example, SchemaType<NumberSchema> produces the type number.

For an object schema, this will for the most part return an object matching the schema but if the schema uses fromKey then this utility will be unable to infer that the return value type should use the property names given in the fromKey attribute, and will simply relax any property name type-checking in such a case.

This utility is very optional and only useful for advanced cases of strong typing. It can be helpful for adding type-checking for the return value of an execute function to ensure that it matches the schema you have declared for that formula.

Type parameters

Name Type
T extends Schema

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