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Function: autocompleteSearchObjects


autocompleteSearchObjects<T>(search, objs, displayKey, valueKey): Promise<MetadataFormulaObjectResultType[]>

A helper to search over a list of objects representing candidate search results, filtering to only those that match a search string, and converting the matching objects into the format needed for autocomplete results.

A case-insensitive search is performed over each object's displayKey property.

A common pattern for implementing autocomplete for a formula pattern is to make a request to an API endpoint that returns a list of all entities, and then to take the user's partial input and search over those entities for matches. The helper generalizes this use case.


  type: ParameterType.Number,
  name: "userId",
  description: "The ID of a user.",
  autocomplete: async function(context, search) {
    // Suppose this endpoint returns a list of users that have the form
    // `{name: "Jane Doe", userId: 123, email: ""}`
    const usersResponse = await context.fetcher.fetch("/api/users");
    // This will search over the name property of each object and filter to only
    // those that match. Then it will transform the matching objects into the form
    // `{display: "Jane Doe", value: 123}` which is what is required to render
    // autocomplete responses.
    return coda.autocompleteSearchObjects(search, usersResponse.body, "name", "userId");

Type parameters



Name Type
search string
objs T[]
displayKey { [K in string | number | symbol]: T[K] extends string ? K : never }[keyof T]
valueKey { [K in string | number | symbol]: T[K] extends string | number ? K : never }[keyof T]



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