AI Startup Blueprint
Module 1: Start.

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Welcome to the course.
I’m Rohan and I am an early-stage AI startup founder.

My story:

From NYC to Wall Street
Engineering with a concentration in Machine Learning at two top institutions
Built a multi-user developer collaboration tool that allowed multiple developers to work together on code both synchronously and asynchronously.
Community-driven AI prompt platform with 15,000 users within a one month span.
Working on a SaaS product to allow teams to internally manage, try, and optimize AI agents, working with enterprises to AI transform their internal operations to save time and cut costs.

The mission:

I digested 100s of different types of materials on both AI and starting a tech company across different channels, like reading books, reading research papers, watching videos from experts in the space, cold reaching out and speaking to founders and VCs in the space on what they’re seeing and have compiled everything I know into this course to help people truly succeed.
I want to get people out of the rat race, and start following their dreams like I did. It is objectively a much better lifestyle that other people do deserve.
Get excited!

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