AI Startup Blueprint
Module 4: MSP

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Building Your MSP

Development Options

You either have to give up time or money.
Option 1: If you are a developer, you can build the product yourself.
Pros: Cost savings and deep understanding of the product.
Cons: Time-consuming and may divert your focus from other essential tasks as CEO.
Option 2: Find someone and offer them equity to build the product.
Pros: No out-of-pocket expenses.
Cons: Uncertainty regarding commitment level, potential pushback, and challenges in finding the right person.
Ideally someone you know.
Find a technical founder
Option 3: Outsource the development to platforms like Fiverr or Upwork or hire an agency.
Pros: Clear expectations, lower cost, flexibility, and built-in guarantees from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork (Due Diligence, Payment Protection).
Cons: Lack of attachment, potential communication challenges.
How: Use the job post below

Building and Hiring

Consider reaching out to your network to find developers who can assist you.
If you decide to hire someone, pay the minimum amount required to build the MSP.

Addressing Concerns About Fiverr and Upwork

Don't underestimate the talent and dedication of developers in countries like Romania, Pakistan, or Southeast Asia.
Some of these developers are working 20 hours a day!
They are also usually more specialized in their field from their education than those with an American education which is more of a general education structure.
People are concerned they will lose their money but...
They hold the money you pay into an escrow, so if the developer doesn't give you the service/product/project that you expected you can get a full refund!
This is super low risk!
Fiverr has buyer protection built in and is very pro buyer!


Action Items:

Decide how you want to build your MSP
Hire someone to start building it using the MSP scope

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