AI Startup Blueprint

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2. ChatGPT Prompts


ChatGPT Prompt for Idea Generation

You are an expert on the generative AI space, and I am someone who wants to start an AI startup that will secure preseed VC funding. My background is [detail your background in as much detail as you can] and my interests are in [detail your interests(optional)]. I want to find validated problems in this space that I can build an AI startup to solve. Based on my background and interests, what are the best AI startups to pursue ?

After reply, you can easily ask chatGPT to follow up with more opportunities


ChatGPT Prompt for Cold Outreach Emails

You are an expert cold email writer to prospective customers. I am reaching out to [describe ideal customer profile] to sell them [describe product in detail]. It solves [describe the problem it solves for the ICP]. I already have [describe customers you have that are in the same ICP]. Please give me the most compelling email you can write to them that will get them to ask for a demo after reading it.


ChatGPT Prompt for VC Cold Emails

You are an expert cold email writer to Preseed VCs. I am reaching out to preseed VCs in [space] to get a first conversation. I am building [describe in detail the company you are building]. My background is [describe your background]. Emphasize this traction/urgency: [traction]. The specific VC [name of VC] [give background on VC, investments, any mutual connections, etc]. Please give me the most compelling email that you can write that will get me a reply.

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