AI Startup Blueprint
Module 1: Start.

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Basics of AI

Basics of AI

What is an LLM?
Difference from regular ML models
Designed to understand nuances of human language
Accessing LLMs:
Use APIs for comprehensive models

Challenges with traditional LLM:

Data risks

Building LLM from scratch:

Highly expensive, billions of parameters
Need massive funding (e.g. OpenAI, Maestro)

Powering LLMs:

GPU power is a key factor
Faster and more efficient inferences ensure real-time responsiveness

Introduction to Langchain:

Framework for ChatGPT & other LLMs
Facilitates chained interactions
Simplifies creation of applications using LLMs

Types of LLM interactions:

Text to text (e.g. code generation)
Text to images (e.g. Midjourney, DALL·E)
Text to video
Images to images
Images to video


Action Items:

Familiarize Yourself with LLM Basics Above

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