AI Startup Blueprint
Module 6: Getting Funded

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Investor Outreach

Pre-Seed VCs (Institutional/Angels)

These are investors who don’t have an accelerator program, but you can just reach out and pitch to them your ideas.
Pre-seed VCs (institutional/angels) can be approached directly with your pitch.

Reaching Out to VCs

Obtain contact information for VCs from platforms like Fiverr, potentially industry-specific lists.
Engage in cold outreach
The misconception is that this is bad, but this can be great and effective with a well crafted email!
Optimize for the lowest possible outcome- even if you only get 10% response rate that is 1/10 VCs that are willing to have a conversation with you
Don’t get discouraged if you see a low response rate. Even 10 responses out of 100 outreach emails is great! That is 10 conversations getting you closer to your goal!
Conversations with VCs can result in various outcomes, such as investment, valuable feedback, or referrals to other potential investors.
Many possibilities from just a conversation (All can help you!):
1. They could invest in you. The best case scenario is they say yes.
2. They might not invest in you and you will learn from your conversation to better the next one. The worst case scenarios is that they say no, but you can turn this around!
3. If they are not interested, you can still ask them if they know anyone who could be or who is willing to talk to you and this will get you MORE opportunities
Even if they say “no,” you can ask them to make the next connection for you. Ask them if they know another VC or investor who may be interested and if they are willing to introduce you.
Having this cold outreach end up in a warm introduction is incredibly beneficial and powerful! This is also a great case scenario even from a “no.”
So always have the conversation!

Angel Investors

Consider targeting angel investors as they may be more accessible and easier to raise money from compared to institutional VCs.
Angel investors can provide valuable early-stage funding, industry expertise, and networks.
Craft a compelling narrative and demonstrate your passion and expertise when pitching to angel investors.
However the drawback is that they are not backed up by an institution. This means the next investors will be harder to get than if your lead investor was institutionally backed.


Action Items:

Use our VC/ Investor List & Message Templates below to reach out to 100 VCs.
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