AI Startup Blueprint
Module 6: Getting Funded

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Pitch Deck

8.Pitch Deck

Prepare a minimal pitch deck of around 10-12 slides.
Focus on showcasing your product, market opportunity, business model, and team.
Include information about your traction, competitive landscape, and financial projections.
Tailor your pitch deck to highlight the unique value proposition and potential of your AI startup.
Need to have an idea on how much you want to raise.
This has to do with who you want to hire- keep this low: “I want to hire X, Y, Z to help me do A, B, C”
You need to tell the VCs where their money will be going this is most important for the first one!

9.Individual Narrative

This is Most important: Develop a compelling narrative highlighting your industry experience, skills, and previous successes.
Who are you are as an individual? Why you? Why are you the person to solve this problem/ build this? Why should I invest you? What is your authority?
They need to know you are someone who understands industry and can adjust accordingly.
They know you’re going to need to Pivot, so you must show you are adaptable enough for this.
Come up with your story: industry experience, skills, previous background.
Tie all of this into your credentials to instill confidence in potential investors..

Action Items

Use the Pitch Deck Template below to create your Pitch Deck.
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