AI Startup Blueprint
Module 7: Growth

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Three Key Considerations

1. How long do you want to stay alive?
Determine how long you want to stay financially viable and stretch your funds accordingly.
2. How to spend the money?
Decide how to allocate funds, potentially prioritizing hiring and equity distribution.
Might mean taking a very low salary as the CEO
Might give equity and less salary for developers
Take % of money pay yourself (as little as possible), and spend the rest on hires.
3. What Role you want to have in the company?
Define your desired role in the company and consider the opportunity costs of your involvement.
CEO Visionary? Hire developers? Be the developer? Be on sales?
Everything you do has some degree of opportunity costs.
Goal is you will hire the people you need to take this off the ground and then you can use the extra money to get more funding.

Maintaining Conversations with VCs

Keep communication alive with potential investors.
Provide updates on your progress and milestones to maintain their interest and support.
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