AI Startup Blueprint
Module 3: Validation

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Validator Reach Out

Now it’s time to validate

Best form of validation is going to potential customers, getting verbal LOIs (letters of intent) minimally they don’t need to be formal)
Consider the ICP for your idea. You will need to reach them to validate it.
The key is to validate it as quickly as possible

Finding Your Potential Customers

Your Current Network/Networking:
Leverage your personal and professional network.
Attend industry events and join relevant groups.
Paying For Leads:
Can find marketing and sales specialists on Upwork and Fiverr who have already done all of the work for you. The will send you emails and contact numbers of hundreds or thousands of potential customers you can reach out to.
If you have a brand or existing customers/ clients
Partnerships and Alliances:
Identify complementary businesses and explore partnerships.
Cold Outreach:
Conduct targeted email campaigns and cold calling.
Personalize your messages to address pain points.
Use to scrape email data from potential clients


The goal is to get people on a Zoom call, Call or even 1-1 messaging.
Here you can get valuable insights on your idea, and your LOI.


Action Items

Use the methods above to book Zoom Calls or 1-1 Meetings with at least 5 potential customers for your product.

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