AI Startup Blueprint
Module 2: Idea

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Good Ideas


They say that it’s 1% idea, 99% execution.
It’s true, but your idea still has to be something that people want.

Good Ideas:

Clear who it’s serving? Solving for specifically? “It’s solving a real problem, for a person”
Simple to explain “elevator pitch” - I’m 5.
Personally relate to it
Underserved needs
Low competition

Unicorns vs Sustainability:

Go back to the “You” lesson.
Do you want to build a billion-dollar startup?
Do you want enough to quit your 9-5?
Somewhere in the middle.
There are plenty of smaller companies that are very successful in what they do even if they are not known by the entire world.
Keep this in mind as you’re looking through future ideas.

8. B2B vs. B2C

B2B: Sell to businesses willing to pay for SaaS solutions.
B2B often offers clearer problems, higher ticket offers, and easier optimization.
Clearer and more expensive problems to solve.
Potential for optimized marketing strategies through field experts.
Businesses often have a much higher available budget than consumers.
B2C: Focus is on individual consumers.
B2C may involve freemium models and can be more challenging to monetize.
Freemium model followed by paid subscriptions can be a challenge.
Challenging marketing efforts and building a large user base.
Individuals usually have a much small budget than businesses.
For this course, we’re going to be focusing on B2B.


Action Items:

Familiarize Yourself with what makes a “Good Idea” above
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