AI Startup Blueprint

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1.Introduction to Rohan!

I’m Rohan and I am an early-stage AI startup founder.
Born and raised in NYC from Caribbean immigrants in a low-income household, I saw struggles of a strict 9-5 average job schedule and the toll it had on families. I knew i wanted to make a high-income for myself and to support my family BUT coming from that background, the first thing parents think is that you need a high-paying job that you get through a top college to make that happen. So I worked hard, got into an Ivy league school, then I got a Wall Street job paying well over six figures. I looked at my boss, and I saw what I would be like in 10 years if I kept down this path (still answering to guys above him, managing few people beneath him, working extremely long hours in the office), and I realized this wasn't for me. And to top it off, the shitty work performance review system. so I decided to take a leap and start my own company, and never looked back
I studied Engineering with a concentration in Machine Learning at two top institutions, built a multi-user developer collaboration tool that allowed multiple developers to work together on code both synchronously and asynchronously, built a community driven AI prompt platform with 15,000 users within a one month span, working on a SaaS product to allow teams to internally manage, try, and optimize AI agents, working with enterprises to AI transform their internal operations to save time and cut costs.
I was working a high paying job on Wall Street, busting my ass day-to-day to make the company money, and when I got my performance review at the end of it all, I was bucketed slightly above average and it reflected in my bonus. That’s when I realized I should take this same level of work ethic and drive, and apply it to my own venture where everything I do (or don’t do ) directly affects my outcomes, and I am no longer assessed by a big company’s shitty performance review. I realized i didn’t need a fraction of the money I was making from the job to survive on, so all I needed to do was secure some initial funding to survive on while I pursue my own thing. The longer I stayed in my high paying job the longer I would be tried and afraid to leave it. Now i have the freedom to continue pursuing my own thing while helping others do the same
I want to get people out of the rat race, and start following their dreams like I did. It is objectively a much better lifestyle that other people do deserve.
I digested 100s of different types of materials on both AI and starting a tech company across different channels, like reading books, reading research papers, watching videos from experts in the space, cold reaching out and speaking to founders and VCs in the space on what they’re seeing and have compiled everything I know into this course to help people truly succeed.

2.Course Format

This course is designed to be interactive and action-based.
We want you to actively engage with the content and apply the lessons to your own startup journey.

3.Course Platform

The course is hosted on Coda, a collaborative document platform.
Make sure to copy this document and create an account to fully participate in the interactive exercises and action items.

4. Interactive Learning

Take advantage of the interactive features in this document, such as filling out blanks and completing action items.
This will help you internalize the concepts and apply them to your own startup.

5. Pay Attention and Take Action

Success in entrepreneurship comes from actively learning and implementing what you learn.
Stay focused, commit to the course, and take action on the strategies and techniques presented.


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