AI Startup Blueprint
Module 6: Getting Funded

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Locking in Deals

Lock in deals by optimizing for the lowest possible outcome and determining how much funding you need to achieve your milestones.
Once you have some funding locked in you have two options:
Option 1: take the money, and think you're still bootstrapping.
How long can I stretch this money? How can I optimize it?
Ex. I Raise $150k and optimise it to last 1-2 years, while building product/ features fast and improving my offer quickly.
Option 2: Raise more money, which means more dilution.
You now have more money for the rainy day fund.
More money in the bank could be better.
Raise more money, give up more equity.
You can scale faster with more funding.

Different Funding Rounds

Different funding rounds, such as raising a larger round or optimizing with less money, come with trade-offs and potential dilution.
People are scared of dilution (getting too much funding) (who you are sharing your business with), but more money is never bad.
Don’t be greedy. Sometimes you may need to dilute.
You just need to know your goals to know how important dilution is to you!
Understanding different fundraising rounds:


Action Items:

Use the strategies in this module to get your first investment.
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