AI Startup Blueprint

1.Step 1: MSP - Minimal Sellable Product

Identify and start with the MSP to prove your concept.
Only prove what you’re going to build.
Focus on addressing the immediate needs of your customers.
Your MSP should be based on your customers needs- some of this can be made with the actual customer!
Be open, honest, and humble with customers, acknowledging that the product may not be perfect initially but you will continually improve it based on their feedback.
You can say “it won’t be perfect” in the beginning- but we will always continually work on improving it until it is perfect for you
Minimal version of that 2-3 years worth of features.
now you have validation on the MSP
Investors don’t care how products look. Only care if people are willing to pay for the product. Skips all the spectacular steps.
You have a concept, potential customer who will pay, that is the most important!

2.Step 2: Scope and Planning

Plan strategically to avoid unnecessary spending and overdevelopment.
Have a budget in mind and consider investing some of your own money into the venture.
A couple hundreds to couple thousands of your own money is a good balance.
Understand the end user experience and create a customer experience map or blueprint.
If you are technical - you know how a product could look like from a tech stack perspective. So, you can map out the product in the back end on how it will work on the front end for your customers - technical requirements go to the dev shops
If you are not technical - pay the tech guys on fiverr/upwork cheap to give you the customer experience map/blueprint
No-Code MVPs
Explore tools like Bubble or Airtable to create minimum viable products without coding.
Seek out case studies or examples of successful no-code MVPs for inspiration.
StackAI, Voiceflow, no-code LLM development
Click Here for a walk through on how to scope a project:

3.Step 3: Development Options

You either have to give up time or money.
Option 1: If you are a developer, you can build the product yourself.
Pros: Cost savings and deep understanding of the product.
Cons: Time-consuming and may divert your focus from other essential tasks as CEO.
Option 2: Find someone and offer them equity to build the product.
Pros: No out-of-pocket expenses.
Cons: Uncertainty regarding commitment level, potential pushback, and challenges in finding the right person.
Option 3: Outsource the development to platforms like Fiverr or Upwork or hire an agency.
Pros: Clear expectations, lower cost, flexibility, and built-in guarantees from platforms like Fiverr.
Cons: Lack of attachment, potential communication challenges.
Building and Hiring
Consider reaching out to your network to find developers who can assist you.
If you decide to hire someone, pay the minimum amount required to build the MSP.

4.Addressing Concerns About Fiverr and Upwork

Don't underestimate the talent and dedication of developers in countries like Romania, Pakistan, or Southeast Asia.
Some of these developers are working 20 hours a day!
They are also usually more specialized in their field from their education than those with an American education which is more of a general education structure.
People are concerned they will lose their money but...
They hold the money you pay into an escrow, so if the developer doesn't give you the service/product/project that you expected you can get a full refund!
This is super low risk!
Fiverr has buyer protection built in and is very pro buyer!


Action Items

Define Your MSP: Identify your Minimal Sellable Product (MSP) based on customer needs and pain points. Outline the core features and functionalities required to solve the problem effectively.
Watch to learn in depth on how to create a product roadmap! Use the MSP Scope Template included in the lesson to plan out your product idea!
Then once you have defined your goals you should prioritize them in the chart below so you know how to organize your time in the best way.
Create a Prototype or MSP to demonstrate the core functionality and value of your idea. It is encouraged that you gather feedback from potential customers and iterate on your prototype based on the feedback received.
If you choose to outsource development use the job posting prompts in the bonus section to help you find the best developers for your product!
Goal Prioritization Table
Start Date
End Date
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