AI Startup Blueprint
Module 6: Getting Funded

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Getting Funded

1.Identifying Aligned VCs and Initiating Conversations

Quickly identify venture capitalists (VCs) who align with your vision and values.
Start conversations with potential investors as soon as possible.
Leverage ChatGPT or other tools to craft effective emails for reaching out to VCs.
It may take around 80-120 conversations to find a lead investor during the pre-seed VC stage.

2.Pre-Seed Level and Lead Investors

The main goal at the pre-seed level is to secure a lead investor.
Having a lead investor can create leverage and generate interest from other VCs.
Aim for institutional VCs rather than individual angel investors, as they provide stronger backing.

3.Main Steps to Reach Investors

Warm introductions through connections are ideal and always the best for reaching investors.
Do you have anyone you know who can introduce you to investors right now?
Email reply rates will not be as high as a warm intro, but they still work! You can still get responses.
Cold emails can also be effective, although reply rates may be lower.
Remember the investors want to be in front of you!
Cold introductions can eventually lead to warm introductions, and many successful connections trace back to an initial cold email.
Ex. A startup entrepreneur team identified a target Pre- Seed VC he wanted to speak to, but they ended up talking to another VC not in their field, who was not interested in investing in their product. However, this VC that said “no” is the one who led them with a warm intro exactly to the VC they originally wanted to speak to, and they were able to get funding from them!
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