AI Startup Blueprint

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3. Survey Questions


Survey Questions

What would you like to see us keep (and/or stop) doing?
What is the one thing that we can do better that would help us to better serve you?
What is the one thing we could add to the product / service will help improve your efficiency?
What do you wish we could do but can't?
What are your pain points with us and how do you think we could fix them?
How can I help provide more value to your organization?
How can I help?
How dissatisfied will you be if we shut down our service?
Can you give an example where you have been delighted/wowed by a product or service you’ve used at work and why?
Are you willing to enthusiastically recommend us to a prospect today? If not, where must you see change this week?
Would you renew at the end of contract based on what you feel at this very moment about the service/product that you consume?
What part of the service makes you happy?
What's the main benefit you receive from our product/service?
What value do we provide that makes you decide to stay with us?
What is your main challenge towards achieving growth in 2019?
What are your biggest challenges you are facing both internally and externally and how can I help you solve those challenges?
What is the problem that, if solved, would make the biggest difference to your life?
How do you need to transform your business over the next 18 months, and how can I help?
How often do you consider switching to my competition and why?
If you have to choose a competitor who would it be and why?
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