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Design & Product

Believe in the process and launch products.

🌅 Betterment's Product Marketing Template

Everything a marketer needs to launch a product, from maker Liz Derby.

Made by Liz

💎 Uber's Project Carbon Tracker

The story of Yuhki and Yixin creating the tracker to end all trackers.

Made by Yuhki and Yixin

💬 Coda + Intercom: User Feedback Doc

Feedback is worth its weight in gold. This doc aggregates and organizes all your customer conversations, support tickets, and survey forms, into one powerful table. So nothing falls through the cracks.

Made by Evan

Project Brief

A project brief to keep every phase—from strategy to execution—in one doc

Made by Jeremy

Kanban project

Like Trello, but better

Made by Jeremy

🎹 Spotify's Squad Goals Doc

Your company goals and your feature work - together at last.

Made by Tracy

🗣 Monday's User Feedback Tracker

A one-stop-shop for aggregating feedback from your customers

Made by Raul and Evan

👥 Headcount Negotiation

This doc represents a simplistic role-based headcount model that can be tailored to teams of one to teams of hundreds.

Made by Evan

🏃 Sprint Planning

This template seeks to bring some of the familiar boards in concert with other layouts of data, all in service of efficiently managing biweekly sprints.

Made by Evan

🕹 Product Starter Kit

A starter kit for product managers to build products, launch features, and more!

Made by Maria

🎨 Design Starter Kit

A starter kit for designers seeking a single source of truth for specs, user research, and inspiration.

Made by Maria

🖌 UI/UX Starter Kit

A starter kit for UI and UX professionals.

Made by Maria

🖥 Engineer Starter Kit

A starter kit for engineers, developers, and technical leads.

Made by Maria

🎯 Simple OKR Tracker

Define key results, track progress on each result, and map team members to each initiative and result

Made by Molly

📄 Project Brief with Jira

The Project Brief is designed to include an entire Product Story in a single doc.

Made by Lane

🚌 Product Roadmap

For Product Teams to plan new features and stay on course in building an amazing product

Made by John