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A free, community co-created resource from top product leaders on how to ship faster, launch smoother, and build the best products in the world.
Product management — the design, development, and distribution of digital solutions — is perhaps the fastest evolving professional discipline. Even the key word, ship 🚀, rooted in actually packing up disks and sending them to users just 30 years ago, has taken on a completely new meaning with hyper-connected users and teams today. Daily feature pushes, live feedback and usage data, and integrated customer-facing design and development have shortened time to market as well as the way we work and build product together.
Product is also becoming a core value driver in the market. Software is a high-leverage asset where value-creation can far exceed investment compared to other industries, and technology-centered companies have some of the highest market capitalization in the world. Other industries are noticing. Businesses in consumer packaged goods and services are spinning up large digital product arms as software becomes essential to just about every human interaction.
So what’s this playbook all about? We’ve brought together
of our favorite to share their insights and toolkits for how great companies and teams run their product operations (ProductOps): from building to launching and learning.
They are rethinking “always on.” Just because our servers are humming in the background and Slack is in our pockets doesn’t mean we need to be the glue that holds everything together. They are moving towards a “living” model where the collaborative spaces are live and not full of stale data, conversations, or decisions; where we’re spending our meaningful live/IRL time together rather than talking status updates at each other; where user relationships & live insights are directly (and weighted correctly) flowing into product to bring value to them. And we end the copy and paste to understand the impact of our launches.
You’ll find the best practices and tools that made the cut for V1.0 below. And if there’s something you wish to see in this playbook, please comment in the doc or add your thoughts to the ! There’s always V2, V3, VSomeday to get it in here.

Editor | Head of Solutions Dev & GTM at Coda

In collaboration with some fantastic product leaders 👇
Peter Wang
Yolaine Mercier
Head of Product Operations
Sani Djaya
Senior Product Manager
StrongArm Tech
Ilya Tregubov
Head of Product Ops
Farid Sabitov
ProductOps Consultant & Figma DesignOps Chapter Lead
Colin Bryar
COO of IMDB, Strategy to CEO
prev. Amazon
Angie Mehta
Principal Product Manager
Ariana Cofone
Ops consultant
prev. VP Ops & Decoded
And the Coda solutions team
Justin Hales
Jordan Milner
SiNing Chan

All contributors
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