Docs in Team hubs

Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Updates & Resources
Daily updates on COVID-19 including tests, confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients, and more.
Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled
A peek inside how YouTube tackled the 2008 to 2014 hypergrowth years with a unique set of rituals.
The Knowledgement Starter Kit: Wikis, knowledge bases, and knowledge hubs
A collection of free, time-saving templates for managing information.
Product Alignment Framework: How Miro navigated explosive growth to 20 million users
A tool for structured product discovery and retrospectives strong enough for high-growth startups.
Design Team Hub
This team hub template can be you digital HQ, combining a team wiki, project management, asset library, meetings, and requests. Help your teammates avoid context switching and give them the information they need to succeed all in one place.
Employee Onboarding Guide by Jessica Powell
You're a new manager about to hire a small team. You had zero onboarding to your role, and you want to do a better job for your own employees. What's a lightweight onboarding process that will not take up hours of your time?
Amplify Accelerator Open Source Learning Lab
Welcome to a highly curated collection of the top articles, reports, benchmarking, podcasts, videos, and more in all things people.
Kindle Highlights Migrator
How to save your Kindle highlights to your notes in less than a minute
The Place on Web To Find Reading Lists on Any Topic
Cain's Jawbone
Webflow Pack: Start Here
The Webflow Pack is here to give you more flexibility while working with the Webflow CMS, enabling all the power of Coda.
Product Operating Rhythm
Principles and tools for product leaders to set an appropriate product cadence for their teams.
Running Product at Brex
A fun (and efficient) meeting for running your product organization.
AirAlumni Hiring List
Here's a list of amazing people affected by the recent Airbnb layoffs.
Minn's Reads
Classroom Tech Tutorials
Classroom technology tutorials designed for teachers, students, and parents.
Product Launch Hub
A doc for tracking launches—whether you're launching a small feature update or a big, complex product.
Sticky Notes
Stats 'n' Stories: Knowledge Sharing Meeting
📈 Stats + 📖 Stories = 🤯 Insight
Clearer Decision-Making with PCA
Learn how to generate the best chart of your multidimensional data
Tracking Physical Inventory
Track physical inventory whether you need to track bike rentals or book clubs.
Team Alignment Survey
This interactive tool helps set teams up for success by aligning them on the key enabling factors for effective teams.
The Burning Man Planning Guide
The one-stop-shop for planning your Burning Man experience.
How to use the CSV Importer pack
Design sprint LIBRARY
(dog)'s Records & Schedule
Meet Tomas Jansson and Unacast’s Management Team Meeting Doc
The doc for the management team to keep track of topics and actions items
Team hub template
A one-stop shop for everything related to our team, initiatives, and processes.
AI Process Manager & Knowledge Base
climb those work ladders
Discussion tracker
Discussion tracker
Brainstorm, ask questions, and keep meetings on track.