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(dog)'s Medical Records

(Dog)'s Medical Records

A document to track your pup's health
🐶A Little History
I have been volunteering with canine search and rescue (SAR) since 2012. My first dog, Maverick, was 1.5 yrs old at the time and we had just started on a grand adventure. I knew next to nothing! I soon realized that Maverick was way smarter then I was!!!! A few years later, Merlin joined our pack with intentions to also become a SAR dog. Merlin ended up not making it as a working dog but he cemented a spot in the pack by being the best snuggle pup around. With Maverick getting older, and with me starting to think about retiring him, I knew the time was right to start looking for my next SAR dog. So at the beginning of 2019, Marshall came home to stay and very quickly showed the makings of a great working dog. With my 2 older dogs, I hated every time I needed to call the vet's office to check when one or the other was due for a visit or shots. I also realized that in the event of an emergency, I had no way of obtaining a copy of their records. So I decided that a Coda Doc would be just the thing I was looking for!
About this Document
Use the section to help you navigate the different sections of this document. If you have older pups, make sure to call the vet's office and request a detailed medical history in order to fill in the tables. I would recommend starting a new record right there at the appointment while the information is fresh.

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