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Enabling Social Prescribing - Research Findings Report
Ian Singleton
Simon Dickinson
Mike Thacker
Marcus Devaney
Dominic Skinner

Purpose of Digital playbook

The research & reports have been carried out and developed by and
The purpose of this playbook is to share the research and findings in considering what the barriers are for Social Prescribing to make use of the ecosystem and identifying potential approaches to address any gaps or shortcomings. This has been The project ran for 3 months from Jan until March 2021 and involved various information gathering exercises including over 45 interviews with stakeholders, ideation workshops and delivered conclusions and recommendations for ODI to consider.
This will be used as a LIVE working document, where information will be collected, dumped, revised, and finalised as part of the deliverables. It is envisaged that the research project will “Work in the Open” and publish all online meetings, share notes, include working documents, project plans and useful links to resources.
The draft report is now available. Four Key Research reports will be available to download in the coming days in the format of PDF documents. The Coda document is undergoing its final review by the ODI.

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