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Gareth has a strategic responsibility for public health. He is keen to prevent people needing GP or A&E. He’d like to engage a significant number of people to become more active. He thinks social prescribing could help with this but recognises that there are a number of barriers to overcome.
Manager persona
Stakeholder group position
@Showcasing OA
Stakeholder role
‎Local Council
Job title/Role
‎Health Partnerships & Commercial Manager
Digital knowledge/support
Digital hardware/software
Laptops/Tablet/PhoneUse Case management systems in referralsComfortable with Reporting Tools
Coordination of Social Prescribing initiatives
Promoting the take up of benefits of physical activities towards reducing the wider determinants of health
Reports into a Integrated Care panel
How do Social Prescribers currently refer to physical activity? (Journeys)
Referrals come into Integrated care panels / hubs via GP Surgeries, Therapies, Social Care, integrated neighbourhood teams
What is the vision? (Goals)
To reduce the demand for Primary care, A&E submissions and GP referrals Provide services that increase citizen/patient activity plus overall increase in positive health and wellbeing
What barriers exist? (Pains)
People have a number of lifestyle barriers rather than motivation.
Confidence is an issue - need to encourage small steps to show someone that they can do things.
We need to find people earlier so that physical activity can impact before they develop complex needs
The social prescriber needs to know how to converse with someone and be a motivator
Not having information about accessibility aids is a barrier to disability
Have to rely on local tactic knowledge that SP trust and have an established relationship. Unaware of other providers that could benefit their clients
Skills of Social Prescribers to engage in conversations to promote the benefits of physical activity
Social Prescribers only refer to activities and services they personally know or have enough trust with the information provided
Suitability of activity/facilitators that meet the client's needs. This can be cultural or accessibility-related
Services that are badly described causes a lack of trust
The complex needs of clients put unwanted pressure on Activity providers, especially if not supported
Social Prescribers need more training to use provided digital tools
OpenActive feels like it is directed more at big providers rather than small community providers
The capacity of providers that can cope with the complex nature of referrals from social prescribers
What would be really useful? (Gains)
Increased availability and accuracy of the activity data, with provision for suitability, availability and accessibility, so that social prescriber can make informed choices and that offers trust in the activity provider.
Social Prescribers all had a common way to facilitate their clients towards a positive outcome. This could include training and use of digital tools
A clear way to support clients effectively that also has the ability to increase overall case numbers
Access to Volunteer network to aid hand-holding and help clients across the bridge towards self-care
What incentivises a person to find physical activity sessions? (Motivations)
Sessions that include more social aspects than just physical exercise such as group focused activities. These break down the barriers faced by clients who may show little interest in traditional physical exercise. Having these activities present information that is suitable to the client's needs and circumstances rather than a just title & activity description. Clients tend to favour activities that provide softer outcomes, such as making friends and often have more immediate needs such as managing money. Providers that can integrate physical activity into sessions geared towards matching clients needs & interest will likely increase overall physical activity uptake
What measures do we currently have and need? (Indicators)
Measurement of data accuracy, suitability and accessibility of the provision is critical to garner trust within social prescribing
Kite Mark of Social prescribing approved services
Clear publication of qualifications and safeguarding measures
Ability to receive feedback from providers that can be used in reporting
What measures do we use to determine progress (Indicators)
Referrals into Physical activity
Types of activity that include physical activity Record of Attendance
Follow up and feedback of client progress against initial referral
Reduced GP submissions based prescribed referral
Uptake of Self-care physical activity against client record
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User stories - Managers
User story Title
Related to Stakeholder
I Need
So that
Related Barriers
Related issues
Reviewing commissions
i am reviewing commissions
to know how many of which activities are going on where and what demand does there seem to be for activities in the areas
I can plan and effectively manage our teams resources to affect the most at need
Application providers are driven by commercial demand
Managers - We would like to understand what is out there and what people are after so that we can commission things accordingly. i can recognise that if there was a means to capture a session and make it available at the front then we can start to gather these metrics for future funding decisions. Will OpenActive give us useful data?
In partnership
When working in partnership with other organisations
I need them to use the data standard and publish as open data
so that we can see strategic alignment across the place to reach critical mass
Difficult to know what activity sessions are available
Managers - Frustrating that there is not a public sector push for all activities to be held as open data. This needs to be end to end and it is too hard for us to build momentum and get to a critical mass
Training staff
When training my staff
I need to give them advice on how to increase the uptake of physical activity by small steps & stealth
so that clients can start to do some physical exercise, even if that's just activities like gardening.
Don’t see referral into exercise as their role
Managers - No easy answer to this at the moment. Perhaps training will help but it depends on the entry point. Some clients get stuck with some workers. I like the idea of a dual approach to solving life issues and trying to be more active.
Appropriate software tools
When social prescribers try and find suitable activities
I need software tools that helps them find appropriate local activities via our pathway policy
so that
can reduce time spent matching suitable activities to meet client need
Need to know if activity appropriate to client needs
Managers - Our SPLWs can take a lot of time researching to ensure that they find activities that are appropriate to the needs of clients. If there was a way to categorise conditions such that our SPLW can easily find appropriate activities that would give more time with the client. Pathways would be useful where i could choose one then add a postcode and can be given appropriate activities close by.
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