Comparing OpenActive & Open Referral

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Combining Open Active and Open Referral UK

The diagram below shows how the OA and OR UK standards can be used separately and brought together for social prescribing.
The diagram shows OA session series data being transformed into the ORUK format to be fed into social prescribing tools. Such a transformation is shown in the . An does the transformation.
The transformation goes from OA to ORUK because physical activity is a subset of activities to support people. ORUK defines a wide range of services and so has attribute values (e.g. an attending type of “home visit”) that are less relevant to sports activities and currently not addressed by OA. However, a transformation in the opposite direction would be possible by addition of more attributes to OA. Either way, a coming together of ORUK and OA session series data would provide a single data format for consumption by social prescribing applications. This process will challenge and improve the resultant data structure but should not remove backwards compatibility with the current structures.
OR does not support booking sessions. There is currently little demand for direct booking via a data interface, however this is likely to increase over time and so the OA booking standard will increase in importance.

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