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Charlotte is passionate about older people’s wellbeing and believes that appropriate exercise can have lots of benefits – falls prevention, mental health, loneliness prevention etc
She has a mobile chair-based exercise and hires space at local community centres to offer chair-based exercises. She receives referrals from GP practices and accepts bookings from any member of the public.
Activity Provider Persona
Stakeholder group position
@Advantage of OA
Stakeholder Role
@Activity providers
Keep Fit Local
Job title/Role
Activity/Class facilitator
Digital knowledge/support
Happy to use a computer or mobile device to enter and retrieve data but not an expert
Digital hardware/software
Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Facebook, social media
Providing physical and social sessions within the local community Management of provision that includes ensuring local venues are suitable to my clients needs As a small business owner I have to ensure I increase appointments / bookings in a cost effective manner
Making activities free for social prescribing is loaded with issues, as 70% of new sign-ups that are booked free of charge don't translate into new attendances
Technology not available, not compliant or not got the technology to undertake adding services or activities
May not be able to accurately complete data requirements if complex or resource-heavy
OpenActive is too complex to understand, rely on a third party to provide systems to make it easier. May need help to enter data.
Keeping my information up to date is a struggle especially as I don't depend on it for everyday bookings. I use Facebook and word of mouth
Not sure what to categories my activities against, as can fit into many types of activities. I tend to use lots of activity types to ensure I get the cover most clients groups require
Worried that by providing my data onto a system, commissioners could use this to make decisions on my funding. Demand data may not be an accurate reflection of reality.
Ability to secure local venues, such as community halls can be painful, as they do not have a good system to easily book slots for my sessions. Often its email/phone a contact
Will be difficult for me to keep track of my capacity for every session
Receiving referrals from SP would need to come with clear understanding of the suitability to my provision.
Social Prescribers may need to offer support options e.g. if one to one hand-holding required
We can support complex needs but may have to allow for private sessions to satisfy the referrer and my other clients
Happy to provide Social Prescribing ready sessions unless too burdensome
Happy to provide more data on the suitability, safeguarding, accessibility of my sessions if this increases my bookings
Happy to provide the level of physical ability and intensity for each session I provide
Could provide some level of outreach to aid facilitation for the referrer to attend initial sessions. Would have to cost this level of support into Social Prescription fee.
Concerned that the effort needed to receive SP referrals won't be worth it compared to my expected increased in clientele
What am I looking to achieve? (Goals)
Use a system to add my data so that it will promote my sessions for more people to book
Make it easier to manage and maintain my bookings/Capacity
Make it cheaper and easier to book venues
What physical activity do I currently provide? (Journeys)
Circuit training
Rusty racquets - Getting back into Tennis
Falls prevention
Chair based sessions that include: Flexibility exercises
Strength-based exercises
Increase balance exercises
Why would I want to make activities available to SP? (Goals)
It is a struggle to get the attention of the GP surgeries and frontline as a one man band
Increase my exposure to more bookings and general awareness.
Genuinely want to help people become more active
What stops me making activities available? (Pains)
Concerns about lack of support from referrals where they are complex clients.
Lack of upfront suitability of referral request needed to make a decision to accept social prescription
May need to provide extra sessions for sensitive groups
I might not have the skills to cope with complex clients
Effort in receiving complex client may not be worth the effort of opening up my data
I need to effectively manage my capacity
What would be really useful to me? (Gains)
A free to use or cheap system that i could use on my mobile so i can keep my session details up to date
Help in establishing appropriate venues - support from public sector would help me negotiate and find appropriate space
Help me understand what a social prescriber would be looking for
What incentivises me to make activities available? (Motivations)
Its my business and livelihood so i need the money
I genuinely want to help people be more active
What measures do I use to assess client activities? (Indicators)
Referrals into Physical activity
Client satisfaction
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User stories - Activity providers
User story Title
Related to Stakeholder
I Need
So that
Related Barriers
Related issues
Activity management system
Activity providers
When using a activity management system
I need to add my data once
So that the data can be used to promote my activity everywhere
Not even heard of OpenActive, nevermind find a way onto OpenActive feed
Activity providers - I would love the idea of adding my session info so that the public sector can find me but how do i do that. I haven’t even heard of OpenActive nevermind understand how to get on an OA feed. Sounds like something I’d give to the birds.
Considering accepting a referral
Activity providers
When considering to accept a referral
I need to know if the particiapnt is suitable for my activity
so that I can ensure participant get the most out of the activity and is suitable for my other participants
Need to know if activity appropriate to client needs Need to understand exactly what the activity/service is offering to ensure client can cope
Activity providers - I only really want participants that i can cope with. I couldn’t really be distracted with one particular participant. I’d rather say the type of person i can cope with. Perhaps i could tick what facilitation/care that i can offer and then only people accepting this would sign up.
Activity providers - Yes we’d like the person to be at the class that is right for their level of exertion. We would advertise that it is a beginner, moderate or vigorous. I usually do a Par-Q with each new client so there’s no real risk but it might be embarrassing for them if they are left behind or feeling inadequate.
Adding my activity data
Activity providers
When adding my data
I need the system to be easy to use
so that I can keep my information up to date
Don’t have the best hardware device or software
Activity providers - Give me a website to enter my sessions and I will do. I generally use facebook to keep my clients informed so if there was something i could add into my facebook page then great. I recognise clients that don’t know me would use an activity finder and that sounds great as well.
Setting up activities
Activity providers
When setting up activities
I need to know how much demand there is for the type of activity I provide
so that I can minimise my initial expenditure and reduce the risk of starting in a new area
Application providers are driven by commercial demand Need to know that demand exists before new businesses or sessions will be set up
Activity providers - I am ambitious to scale my business and am motivated to help people improve their health. If you can generate more demand then I’m in but I really need some consistent demand so i can invest in equipment, apprentices and venues.
Activity providers - One of my problems is taking the chance on booking a venue and then hoping that i get enough people. I usually build this up over time but it would be really good if this OpenActive can generate more interest. Ay chance you can tell what the demand might be in different areas and then i could set up accordingly.
Publishing activities
Activity providers
When publishing my activity data
I need a affordable system
so that my overheads are kept low and I can make a living
Don’t have the best hardware device or software
Activity providers - Give me a website to enter my sessions and I will do. I generally use facebook to keep my clients informed so if there was something i could add into my facebook page then great. I recognise clients that don’t know me would use an activity finder and that sounds great as well.
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