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This provides a list of data feeds; or rather, it used to, started falling apart a little, and is now obsolete. We’re waiting on delivery of a new status page. In the meantime, the place to start data-crawling is here:


Allows publishers to verify that their output conforms to the Opportunity and RPDE standards (to some extent, Booking as well). A vital piece of kit, though getting developers to engage with it is often difficult.
To expand further the validator was tested against some dummy data. The activity terms are validated quite nicely. First of all the validator does require a correct activity schema URI, as all further validation is based on this.
If the ID is wrong then it determines if there is a match in the schema based on the label and informs the user. If the ID matches but the label is wrong then it tells you as much. So this validator does ensure consistent use of taxonomies.
There are four levels of validation.
Notice - how the data is being validated. This is important as there are different types of feed. So this tells you what the validation is based on.
Error - the data does not comply with Open Active.
Warning - a recommendation in order to make a better Open Active feed.
Tips - details any assumptions that are made about the data
This validator does not give you a richness score as such, but thanks to the detailed Warning level of validation, it helps developers to improve their data richness.
I next tested duplicate data. So all of the data is exactly the same except the activities have a different ID. The validator did not pick up this issue.


A guide to the 100+ OpenActive repositories on GitHub can be found here: . It is slightly outdated, but should still provide useful orientation.
Of most immediate relevance are:

Models Library

Data mapping for Social Prescribing

The following mapping was carried out by the ODI to map Open Active to Open Referral fields:
@ORUK <-> OA Mapping
See conversation on: 17.48

Reporting Dashboard

Note - Login required please email for access


A harvester and data-cleaner for OpenActive data. There was some confusion over the term Normalizer. However as the application removes redundant data, normalizer is the correct nomenclature.

Creating bookable events

The Open Active tooling includes a normaliser that helps to enrich the open data and creates bookable events from
. A Scheduled sessions are listed single item or a series of sessions. The Normaliser will then take these scheduled sessions are create events from which users can book on to using the
@Open Booking API

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