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Mike Thacker
Ian Singleton
Simon Dickinson

22 March 2021

Finalising . - style and title (without the Por number? Keep where it is I guess)
DG’s executive summary

15 March 2021

Review of highlight report
Any concerns about completing anything by end of this week?
Questions/issues to discuss
Finalising (7 Ian, 2 Tim, 1 Marcus, 1 Kat points)
- comments to come
key recs - API, OA to OR conversions or roadmap to convergence?
- more pictures?
- styling
- agreeing with what Porism has said
- Use OA, OR and ORUK or full names?
@Date last updated
strategies from user research and align to Mike’s document
Should we be reviewing the wording in ?
We will have a read and comment back this week but i am sure it is fine
What other documents should Porism review?
I think it is wait now until we have completed deliverables by Friday 19th. If you can then have a read of them then we will tidy things up for final delivery on Wednesday 24th March
Has Ian chased Matthew Pike / Dominic Jones?
Dom has moved on, not heard back from Matthew. Got a response from Nick Parker who asked Toby to speak with us. Hoping he will soon.
Questionnaire and newsletter
Agree the workshop format drawing on
should tooling review be added to questionnaire following workshop?

8 March 2021

Review of highlight report
Questions/issues to discuss
Application provider workshop planning
Structure of technical deliverable
What we need from Nicki

Add Task

1 March 2021

Questions/issues to discuss
Mike to ask Tim Hill about and appearance of results in web pages
Confirm who uses Booking API -
@Marcus Devaney
to provide list of user research participants interviewed. Confirm with
@Tim Hill
- Kinetic insight and several other within MCR Active are contractually obliged to delivery Open Booking API -
@Andy Halliwell
from schools plus use the Playfinder platform
@Jamie Foale
How may orgs are using Open Sessions - do we know that? London Sport will know - ask
- There are 2,772 organisations signup up to
@Open Sessions
@Mike Thacker
Emerging technical strategies to be discussed with Tim at 1pm
“Overview of technical maturity of Social prescribing industry/sector” Are we able to provide this?
Do we know what Elemental etc use? Do we know how much the booking standard is deployed?
@Marcus Devaney
Going to provide a report including the digital maturity of social prescribing platforms
Structure of deliverables being worked on - Mike’s work will be pulled into DG structure
3 workshops this week - Managers, Frontline workers and Activity Providers
Activity providers and mixed workshop have low numbers.
Progress on reviewing taxonomy alignment
to provide update

22 Feb 2021

Questions on or resulting from last week’s progress
and Mike’s clarifications
Does ODI have any governance on existing taxonomies?
Where might additional fields fit () into OA?
Where are we against the deliverables promised? Do the deliverables promised by Digital Gaps match those in the ITT? If not, do we care about the ITT? Just what DG promised which is in line with ITT and PID
Raising of any issues
Imin concerns and interviewing them (Nish and Nick)
Is there ODI guidance/policy on what is centrally/publicly funded and what is left to the commercial sector?
Mike has lots of questions for Tim Hill
We need a commentary on the field mapping don’t we? Yes
Do we need Nicki to look at mappings from LGSL to the Activity list? Nicki to do high level review initially
Questions on next weeks next steps
How would OA accommodate new fields to provide more information for SP?

Meeting notes

Included against about points

22nd Feb 2021 - Notes

Mike asked a question on the role of the ODI and where do they start and stop with standards & innovations. Tim - What is the scope of the innovators - no policy to define. The ODI role is to own the standards, and let other people creating and own the tooling. However that failed, due poor third party implementation and technical stack. There is no real competition to tooling and puts the whole OpenActive data at risk. No issue with commercial, but only having 1 tool to supply the market is risky to the whole project. ODI would be happy to have more suppliers providing tooling.
Key issue is the dichotomy between publicly funded infrastructure taken from say public health vs a commercial infastruce model. This is currently a wider agenda within Central Government and Sport England.

Potential standard recommendations

Last updated fields - OR assurance equivalent
SP ready fields - provide more info to understand activity is right one (see slide 4)
Add pathway (Target

15 Feb 2021

Questions on or resulting from last week’s progress
Feedback on and . Types of taxonomy required by HSSF - what is Snomed (which is not completely open), what is another shared vocabulary
Demographic information (about me)
Presenting need (what matters to me)
Social Prescribing Intervention (what I was offered)
Outcomes (what was the result)
Protected characteristics (
Health inclusion groups (people particularly at risk of poor health outcomes – see
Coding of long-term conditions e.g. mental health
Mike’s response in
OpenCommunity as a platform for drawing together a community around multiple related standards
Raising of any issues
Questions on next weeks next steps

15 Feb 2021 - Notes

The will be shared with attendees using MS Excel before end of Sunday 31st Jan. Hopefully this will work easily enough but we will see at 12:30 on Monday ;-) A PDF version will also available in
The following will be taken in order. Questions and issues can be raised in advance (add your name) or at meeting.
It is expected that people will have updated the highlight report by 10am Monday morning.
Questions on or resulting from last week’s progress
(Marcus/Mike) Are we looking at a social prescribing model that pushes scheduled sessions back to the ORUK structure (to be combined with other non-sports opportunities) and uses the OA booking structure for bookings? Step 1 is getting an understanding of what people are looking for . Step 2 to more detail. Step 3 booking
@Ian Singleton
Working on
@Create a initial Concept model for Findable services with bookable events
to review on next meeting
@Mike Thacker
@Marcus Devaney
has started this analysis in the page where he have assessed platforms against a set of - Further analysis will be done as project progresses.
(Marcus/Mike) Do we have good knowledge of how current social prescribing software (like Elemental) works? Does it involve booking an actual session or just referring someone to an activity/service that they might attend, do online, eg a home visit etc? Marcus is looking at social prescribing platforms. They differ. More work to come. - See above comment &
(Marcus/Mike) Booking with payment is a big leap from a referral or just advising someone to take a look at a service. Is there a middle course?
@Mike Thacker
We have some thoughts on this, we can talk through. Some apps have booking others don’t. The front line worker fills the gaps, e.g. booking, making sure someone turns up. We aspire to both finding an activity and making a booking. We’re looking at what is a “
” This may impact on the data structure.
(Mike) How are we approaching use and misuse of terms from multiple of taxonomies? Do we need mappings and/or a superset? London Sport / UK Active mapping between activity types and conditions?
@Ian Singleton
will be speaking with London Sport.
@Marcus Devaney
set up a dedicated page for to add their research outcomes. Can also speak to Matthew from NHS Connect. London Sport have good accessibility data.
Activity types align with Services. Conditions align with Circumstances. We go from summary to detail eg Indoor Sports to Activity List. Map Snomed to these lists. Accessibility is the third. Different people have different specialist lists. LGA lists form high level
@Anchor points
- add Accessibility. Try to test this with OpenCommunity people. Tagging in Activity list eg might be useful, eg for rehabilitation. High level list helps people focus assigning terms to on lower list. High level allows for suggestions of things that people might not have thought of.
(Mike) Do we need any sharing with the work for Sports England on "Strategic Advice and Options Appraisal for the Future of the OpenActive Initiative"? Mike to
@Arrange get together. ODSC
will check with SE.
(Mike) Can Porism
@Create a skeleton technical report
and start to populate? Yes
@Marcus Devaney
@Create calendar invites for interviews and workshops
? Can we see the roles of each person being interviewed so Porism can make better informed decisions as to which meetings we should sit in on? Yes. DigitalGaps will show the schedule with each person and role.
(Marcus/Mike) Ways of working:
Can we link to from the weekly calendar invitation?
Can we put the highlight report in Coda
Slack channel for the project Marcus to
@Set up Slack channel
Interviews from Friday to 19 Feb.
NHS minimum dataset work - we’ve agreed we influence them. A dedicated page has been set up for
to add early findings, notes, thoughts
Raising of any issues
Questions on next weeks next steps

1st Feb

Meeting notes

@Dominic Skinner
to review and finalise ODI initial and Porism initial review of Open Active data
Relevant Porism Files
Early indications are that NHS and Social prescribing are leaning towards Open referral and a single taxonomy. Open Referral is the international standard sees itself as a Community of standards that are collection standards used by place-based working. This could include Open referral, Open Active,
such as the that can be the higher level taxonomy that can be used within more granular taxonomies such as SNOMED, OA Concepts
Hub and spoke model of Base Taxonomies
Target audience
Booking systems within social prescribing
Membership model that gyms prefer, what issues do they have without the service user having a membership.
Find out the Reality of Social Prescribing - Demand - Numbers.

Emerging thinking from Research

8 Feb 2021


We will deal with the issue raised first as Simon and Marcus need to leave at 12:30 for next interview.
Questions on or resulting from last week’s progress
Activity provider interviews
Frontline worker interviews
Direction form ODI
Raising of any issues
Initial thinking on potential solution of OA fitting with Social Prescribing
Questions on next weeks next steps
How is it going with London Sports and Matthew from NHS Connect meetings. And the person Devika recommended?

Meeting notes

Ian Showed the initial draft data flow
Blackburn and Darwin uses IMIN - There could a a general way to query the data - in the same way that IMIN provide the tools.
Is there are use case to consume OR into OA. This could be useful for bookable events
Can we book a group session series for a course - for individual events - for say for 12 weeks
Can the OR aggregator be created for OA to have a combined SP aggregator / Harvester
Does the OA have a UID
Who uses the booking system - Can we ensure to interview them
Rob Redpath NHS - Follow Up
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