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Lorraine works for a GP practice and aims to prevent people needing to see a GP when they may benefit more from social/physical activities than medicine/drugs. Lorraine will work with frequent GP practice visitors, rehabilitations, GP referrals (medicine can’t help) or when a patient is happy to have a chat to see if they may benefit from local social/physical activities.
Frontline worker persona
Stakeholder group position
@Promote OA
Stakeholder role
@Frontline workers
Local CVS - Seconded from PCN team
Job title/Role
Social Prescriber
Digital knowledge/support
Digital hardware/software
Laptop and PhoneEmail & SpreadsheetsLocal CRM - Generic configuration not designed for Social Prescribing or Referrals. Accurate Reporting is difficult due to unstructured recordings and note taking
Receives referrals for GP Surgeries, Therapies and Integrated neighbourhood teams. Clients can be stepped up into Social prescribing or Stepped down into Universal support services or self-care.
How do I currently prescribe physical activity? (Journeys)
On initial referral, Lorraine will plan out the availability and suitability of possible solutions and services that may help before meeting the client. The meeting may take place within the clients home, and therefore may not have access to wifi, so Lorraine has to be prepared in advance and awareness possible solutions. Once Lorraine meets the client and carries out an initial assessment using the Wellbeing Outcome star she begins to establish the suitability of available activities and services, taking into consideration, support needs, cost, distance to referral, mode of transport. Lorraine is driven by what the client is interested in, and this may not be taking part in physical activity as other needs present first, however, she does she encourage them to think about social activities that are physical in nature, such as gardening or walking groups. Lorraine will then consider the availability of the client, the referral activity and if support is required the availability of a befriender or volunteer. Lorraine is careful not to refer her client to a service or activity provider that she does not trust, as most of her clients need careful hand-holding to take baby steps. This may involve Lorraine is personally supporting her client in the initial hand over stages within the referral.
What am I looking to achieve? (Goals)
Find a breath of activities and services that may be useful for her clients. Support clients to take small steps towards self-care Increased efficiency & capability and capacity to take on more clients
What stops me prescribing physical activities? (pains)
Suitability of traditional physical activities such as gyms for her clients is a concern. Her clients often suffer from anxiety and find social activities easier to access.
Lack of understanding of available activities
Cultural suitability of activities, and support.
Understanding & Trusting the Accessibility and suitability of the venue
The difficulty of available transport to the activity, along with associated costs
What would be really useful to me? (Gains)
Up to date awareness of local activities Ability to assess suitability, accessibility and availability of activity Easy to use tools to enhance my awareness of suitable activities, with the ability to establish availability and possibly book if appropriate.
What incentivises me to find physical activity sessions? (Motivations)
Sessions that clearly describes suitability for my clients needs Activities that provide trusted support, so that I have confidence in their follow up with my client I know physical activity can help with mental health, if I had more suitable activities that encourage social activity, I would more likely refer in.
What measures do I use to assess the work required? (Indicators)
Wellbeing star assessment focused on my client's interests. Small achievable steps
What measures do I use to determine progress (Indicators)
Like to follow up with client to show progress against the wellbeing star
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User stories - Frontline workers
User story Title
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I Need
So that
Related Barriers
Related issues
Search for activity
Frontline workers
When searching for an activity
I need it to offer me features that make it easy for me to find a suitable activity for my clients need
so that i can spend my time helping the client rather than researching activities and not risking him going to an inappropriate activity
Difficult to know what activity sessions are availableNot enough local activity sessions can be found
Frontline workers - I think I have a good understanding of what is available but suspect it is only the things i know and colleagues tell me about. I do find that i don’t know about the small things that are not in the ‘community support’ circles. I would like to see all the things that are happening in close proximity to my client
Frontline workers - I have tried a couple of activity finders but they don’t have any activities on there.
Review activity quality
Frontline workers
When reviewing the quality of an activity
I need to easily see that the activity is credible, has the right quality and my peers agree
so that i have confidence to recommend it to a client
Don’t trust information that exists
Frontline workers - My experience of these service directories is that you need to check the information anyway. They are good to give me a contact detail if i don’t know them but i will then ring up or call in to check things out. Sometimes i check with my team to see if they know about them.
Help client to access activity
Frontline workers
When helping my client to access an activity
I need a readiness check, good directions, prices, photos of what it looks like inside with people doing the activity.
so that my client is confident that it will be ok for them
Need to know if the providers can cope with needs of the cohortsNeed to know if activity appropriate to client needs Need to understand exactly what the activity/service is offering to ensure client can cope
Frontline workers - Some of my clients are very needy and i am not sure how the providers will handle them. It would be good to know if they have carers on site or a reception, class buddy scheme etc. This will help me work out whether it is ok for my client.
Frontline workers - I can usually work out what might be appropriate for my client but i guess if i could tell the system what my client needs were so that it only gave me appropriate activities then that would be great.
Frontline workers - I need to know exactly what the activity is offering so i can decide with my client whether it is right for them. I guess i don’t need to know all the details but certainly want to know the intensity of any physical activity and what is expected of my client. I need them to trust me getting this right or they may not go again. I would probably check it out myself or speak to the class instructor
Reviewing outcomes
Frontline workers
When reviewing the outcomes
I need to know that my client attended, feedback from the class facilitator, feedback from my client
so that I can discuss the next steps with my client
Working with a client
Frontline workers
When working with a client
I need to use suitable software and hardware
so that I can confidently support my client
Don’t have the best hardware device or software
Frontline workers - I don’t have a device. I have a share of a computer when in the office. Some are getting laptops. It doesn’t make any difference at the moment as we don’t use a piece of software to find any activities. We will be using elemental but not sure when or how. Having a touchscreen small device that i can have a shared conversation with a client and suggest local activities sounds really good.
Finding suitable activities
Frontline workers
When finding suitable activities
I need help to see the benefits to referring into physical activity
so that I can encourage my client to opt in
Don’t see referral into exercise as their roleClient isn’t interested in doing physical activity, too many other problems
Frontline workers - I understand the benefits of physical exercise but we use a shared decision making process and my clients are not generally asking for exercise, they have more pressing issues to deal with.
Frontline workers - Physical activity is not the first thing that I think of when dealing with most of my clients. Often it is a mental health issue or they have financial or relationship worries. I know that physical activity helps stress relief but you need to be really motivated to make that happen.
Referring in an activity
Frontline workers
When referring into an activity
I need to be sure their is support offered
so that my client can gain confidence in their ability to attend and support their needs
Client lacks confidence, has anxiety, embarrassed so needs hand-holding to attendFrontline workers lack confidence and skill set to motivate client to be active
Frontline workers - I spend quite a bit of time ensuring that my clients settles in to an activity. I can’t take the risk that they don’t like it in case it puts them off doing anything else. I like to check out the activity/service myself first. I guess more information especially pictures would help. I also listen to my team mates if they have found a good activity.
Frontline workers - I have to admit that i don’t really like exercise myself so I am probably not the best one to motivate someone. It is a shared decision making process and so i would offer to sort out whatever they wanted to do.
Frontline workers - We are specialised in physical activity and so it is slightly frustrating when people are triaged a few times before they reach us and some don’t ever make it through to us. Pretty much everyone that comes to us will get involved in physical exercise and they generally stay with us
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