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Greg is a product manager for SPActive He is trying to provide a product to help frontline workers identify the best local services/activities that will help support their client list. They want to focus on their UI and features to enable the frontline workers to be more productive and help more people. They want a feed/API to access local service information that is rich and correct.
Application provider persona
Stakeholder group position
@Showcasing OA
Stakeholder role
@Application Provider
SP Active
Job title/Role
Product Manager
Digital knowledge/support
Digital hardware/software
Good understanding of how data flows between systems and how to read API documentation to inform application development
Greg is not a developer and therefore has some limitations to his technical understanding
Comfortable using any application
Responsibilities (Focused on OpenActive)
Understanding the technical landscape to inform his development team on how to implement Open data, ensuring that the correct user stories provide the context
Busy workload, wants clear and easy documentation to consume & implement with clear use casesSee huge advantages in using open data feeds to benefit product adoption
Product target audience and prioritising features
Targeting the product and prioritising features to get a business return
What digital capability is required to use our product?
It's important for us as a Application provider that end users and other software providers can easily consume how are application works.
Very little as we aim to make this as intuitive as can be. Basic digital skills should be enough
What digital hardware is best to use for our product?
Touch-screen tablet devices
Who is our target user(s)
Anyone focused on encouraging people to be active/get involved in community e.g. leisure centres/trusts, UK active projects, social prescription initiatives.
Helping any of:
Service Users
Frontline workers
Management of Integrated health systems
Service/Activity providers
What are the key features/capabilities of our product?
The application is easy to use helping end-users and social prescribers find relevant and suitable activities to refer to or book direct. We provide the ability to manage social prescribing cases, make referrals, and book local services & activities.
The system provides the ability to view rich data regarding the suitability and accessibility of the sessions to enable the social prescriber to make informed choices that inspire trust in the activity provider.
Along with the referral management information the system provides detailed reports of the following:
Referrals into Physical activity
Types of activity that include physical activity
Record of Attendance
Follow up and feedback of client progress against initial referral
Uptake of Self-care physical activity against the client record where the citizen has used our booking system.
We provide activity providers and back end database to keep their sessions up to date, that can feed into their own website or through a widget
We also integrate with a Volunteer management system enabling the social prescriber to check the availability of the volunteer against the availability of the session.
Clients/Citizens can share their personal account with a social prescriber so that that can book sessions on their behalf during the intervention.
What are the barriers to providing a product with social prescribing.
Lack of knowledge of what social prescribing actually entails
Need to understand what the opportunity is regarding the demand of service referrals / social prescribing
Different social prescribers will do things differently across the uk, no common training/system approach to operational delivery
Would like to understand what the actual provision/scale of providers that would like to use our system for social prescribing
Reaching full market a problem, as no obvious framework for social prescribers or activity providers to purchase our system
Can't compete against the big players in the market, even though our product is cheaper and more feature-rich.
Having to rely on sole suppliers of assured community data and physical activity data feeds creates a monopoly and adds risk to our business model
Without wide adoption of data standards in social prescribing it's hard for us to share our service/activity data consumers. Sharing our data helps to promote our business
No standard way to categorise our data. Having a universal taxonomy or a combination of taxonomies could enable our data to be used to establish better suitability
You have to go on an advanced eLearning course to start with adopting/implementing OpenActive opportunity data. Open Referral is easier to understand so will probably just align with that.
Changing our core system to align with an immature social prescribing movement is costly. We'd want to know the potential benefits and be confident of change control within standards body.
What KPIs do you provide to users?
We can provide a url for an activity provider to follow to complete an assessment e.g. PAMSor ONS4 for the patient
What are you looking for from SP/open standards? (Goals)
Easy to understand & consume documentation
Confidence in change control standards body with changes rationalised against the market opportunity
Compliance levels awarded and recognised within tendering / procurement of systems
What incentivises me to use SP/ physical activity sessions/open data? (Motivations)
Increase platform sales
Increased data access & usage as helps to promote our core business
New market opportunities to sell into
Ease of implementations with use of standards
Access to Live accurate data feeds to populate our product and add value
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User stories - Application providers
User story Title
Related to Stakeholder
I Need
So that
Related Barriers
Related issues
Selling to a customer
Application Provider
selling to a new customer
many activity providers to be providing open data for us to consume
our product is adding value immediately
Application providers are driven by commercial demand
Social prescribing application provider - We will develop whatever the client needs to carry out social providing. We are already on route to pulling data from OR and would happily consume OA. We are talking about a deal with Imin so we can use the API.
Implementing open standards
Application Provider
implementing open standards
guidance, support, advance warning of changes, a roadmap of development
i can position our product to react in an efficient and effective manner
Consuming activity data
Application Provider
consuming data
the data to be correct, up to date, rich and widespread
our product is not associated with bad data
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