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The following bullet points give an easy read summary of the research findings.
Less than 10% of social prescribing referrals are to physical activity
Social prescribers say physical activity is not at the forefront of their clients’ minds
Social prescribers say clients are more interested in local activity that is easy to get to, doesn’t cost a lot and has interest and social value rather than just be exercise.
There are very few activities found when checking within a couple of miles of a client’s postcode.
There is a general mistrust of any directory of activity information by Social Prescribers however there is a trust of their peers opinions
There is concern for their client attending an unsuitable activity, for their anxiety to attend on their own and if an issue occurs whether the activity provider will help
Local activity providers are not aware that they can advertise their sessions using OpenActive, once they know they are keen to do it
Managers and workers are not aware of the benefits that open data can provide and prefer to gather their own information. However, once explained then they do see the benefit but can only really impact the critical mass as one part of the whole
Application providers supporting social prescribers are frustrated that there is not a rich set of reliable data describing activities for them to consume.
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