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Trip planning
Trip planning

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Airlines, Miles, & Transfer Partners
Tool to find transfer partner airlines to make award bookings with credit card points.
2023 Airline Status Planner
2023 Airline Status Planner
Plan your mileage runs and track your elite status and million miler progress on United, American, and Delta
Heated Outdoor Dining NYC (Winter 2021/Spring 2022)
Filter NYC restaurants & bars with heat lamps by neighborhood and borough. Please call the restaurant to verify the restaurant's heated outdoor dining situation.
Split Costs with Friends
Easily split costs from rent or travel with friends, family, or roommates
Trip Expense Tracker
This trip expense tracker helps you track expenses paid during your trip and who owes who for the expense. It is also a basic trip planner you can use on your phone.
Weather Dashboard
Pull in the current weather conditions and upcoming forecast for any city.
Road Trip Planner
This is a demo doc for Driving Distance Pack
Track Uber & Lyft Costs with Gmail
Track your Uber and Lyft costs right inside this template. Using the Gmail Pack, this template parses your ride share receipts to give you insight on your ride sharing habits.
A beginners guide to finding dinosaur fossils
Travel Review System
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a light-weight travel review system for small teams.
Airbnb Host Guide
Kiting Oulu area
U.S. Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Updates
U.S. daily updates on COVID-19 including tests, confirmed cases, deaths, hospitalized patients, and more.
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song Guesserator App
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song Guesserator App
All the data you need to guess the next TS Eras Tour Surprise Song.
The Ultimate College Packing List: UPenn Edition
This is everything I wish I'd known before packing for college and moving in
Things I learned owning a Jet boat
Owning a boat is a lot of work. The truth is you'll spend more time troubleshooting and fixing it then you will riding in it. It still can be a lot of fun and you'll learn a lot. Here's what I've learned so far.
Meet Coda 👋
Start looking for more information about Vietnamese craft products by exploring about Vietnamese silk fabric products & producing process
Splitting Rentals with Friends
How to split the total cost of your rental fairly, night by night
Duke University Move-in Checklist
Easily track everything you need to bring or buy.
The Ultimate Trip Planner
I love to travel whether backpacking through Asia or camping for the weekend. The hardest but also the most fun part for me has always been the planning. Here’s a template for my planning process. If you don’t have a process then start here. Great for grou
College Visit Planner –– Maximizing 13 Colleges in 5 Days
Find out how we made the most of visiting 13 east coast colleges in 5 days
Google Maps Embed Pack Playground
Easily embed maps from Google Maps in your Coda docs.
Relocating to STL
STL one of America's best cities for high salaries and low costs of living!
Purdue University Move-in Checklist
Easily track everything you need to bring or buy.
Village Halls Domesday Book 2021
A record of the good things village halls were doing to mark a century of rural community action
Cal Poly Mustang Move-in List
Easily track everything you need to bring or buy.
UNC Chapel Hill Move-in Checklist
Easily track everything you need to bring or buy.
LocationIQ Mapping Pack Documentation
Simple Trip Planner to capture & organize all your research
Clip and keep all your online travel research in one place. Share this with friends and family and keep all your Yelp food recos in one place. (Last updated 24 February, 2022)
Toronto: City Guide
Some curated food & activity recommendations to jumpstart your time here.