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College Visit Planner –– Maximizing 13 Colleges in 5 Days

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Find out how we made the most of visiting 13 east coast colleges in 5 days
Hi there!
Our names are Diana and Natalie Lim and we created this document to share how we completed a fun & inspiring trip to the East coast to tour colleges.
We found that owning the whole process––choosing which colleges and cities to visit, reaching out to students to tour campus with, reflecting on what we liked/didn’t like about schools after each stop––made the trip extremely successful!
Beneath, we’ve laid out some explanations and tips to help you make the most out of this resource and your college trip!
Best of luck in your college application process!! 😇
~ Diana and Natalie

College Visit Planner Overview

This doc helps you do all of the following:

🏫 Record your research of every colleges you want to visit in
🏠 Compare housing options in
🍽 Track which restaurants you want to visit in
🗓 Create a college visit master schedule in
💁 Manage which college students you're visiting in
📝 Note details about each college in to help keep the colleges differentiated
❓ Prepare for college tours and meetings with
🏆 Rank the colleges you visited to get a better sense of which ones you may be applying to in

Some tips we have for making the most of your visit:

Register for info sessions ahead of timeー they fill up very quickly and you want to make sure you're on the list!
😄 Send thank you notes to whoever you met with ASAP!
📷 After a while, the colleges may start to blur. Take lots of notes and photos to remember each of the colleges!
💭 Reflect after each visit, noting what stood out specifically to you about each school
We did voice memos which were extremely valuable when we picked which college to attend!
After the college application process, we found it very fun to see what our initial thoughts on schools were

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